How to Buy an Engagement Ring

buying engagement ring

How to Buy Low-Priced Engagement Rings in Toronto

How to buy an engagement ring

So let’s talk about engagement rings. There are two parts to an engagement ring; the ring, also known as the setting and the center diamond. Let’s start with the ring or setting which will influence what shape and size of diamond you can set in the center.  Remember, “It’s all about the ring”. The ring is so important for so many reasons. The ring is what will showcase your diamond for everyone to see. It needs to compliment the center diamond and not over power it. Also, the style of ring should reflect her personality and her style. So if you’re planning to propose, then you should have a pretty good idea of what she likes.


One of the most traditional and timeless style is the Solitaire engagement ring.  This style has one center diamond and no diamond accents. With this style, you can save quite a bit of money on the setting which means you can put more of your budget towards the center diamond. This style is simple, elegant and she will love it forever.

Side Stone or Accents

Side stones or accent diamonds is the perfect way to add some sparkle to her engagement ring without going over the top. Traditionally, this style has a single row diamonds running down each side of the ring in a channel type setting.  So if you’re looking for something to compliment the center diamond without taking away from it, then this style is right for you.


This style has diamonds, and then some more diamonds and then even more diamonds. Pave is a special way of setting very small diamonds as close to each other as possible which gives the appearance of a continuous diamond surface. You see very little metal and these tiny diamonds create a great deal of sparkle.  This style of ring is sure to get noticed.

Three Stone

Three Stone rings represent your past, present and future. There’s a large diamond in the center and two small shoulder diamonds.  Usually all three diamonds are the same shape, however you can change the shoulder diamonds to a different shape and make you own unique piece. This style is most symbolic of all the engagement ring styles.

Tension Style

Tension style is a modern design where the center diamond appears to be floating in the air. True tension settings hold the center diamond by using force but most of our tension settings have a bridge underneath the center diamond for added strength and security. This is a truly unique and stunning style.