Discover the Elegance of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

When considering a beautiful princess cut diamond engagement ring, value is of utmost, even to people who, for all intents and purposes, seem to be fairly well off.  Even the most frugal engagement ring shopper will appreciate the value of the princess cut diamond, which is currently priced on average of up to 30 percent less than traditional round diamonds. If you’re looking for the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, consider the elegant princess cut diamond.

The Performance of the Princess Cut

The quality of the princess cut is determined by how well the symmetry, polish, and proportions of the diamond produce the most attractive visual balance of the three different types of reflection. Several proportion factors have the most immediate impact on a diamond’s ability to reflect light correctly. The table size and depth of a diamond relative to the diameter greatly impacts the light return from a diamond. A well-executed princess cut diamond is proportioned so that most of the light entering the gem, exits back through the top of the stone – perfectly balancing the white light (brilliance) with intense flashes of fire (dispersion).

A poorly cut diamond, with facets cut only a few degrees out of alignment, can result in light exiting through the bottom of the diamond, known as light leakage, instead of from the top where it is visible. This creates a diamond with dulled brilliance from poor light performance within the gem, making the center of the gem look dark.

Excellent Option

The Princess cut provides all the liveliness of a round diamond along with the contemporary shape of an emerald or square cut to create one of the world’s most brilliant, fancy shapes.

The princess cut diamond was first introduced in London by Arpad Nagy during the early 1960s. It has been described as an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides and having facets that reflect light like no other diamond shape. This alternative to the round brilliant diamond offers a stunningly spectacular way to show the world you’ve made the ultimate commitment to love.

Restoring the Princess Cut  Diamondprincess-fairy-tale-wedding

Every woman, in her heart of hearts, desires to feel like a princess again at some point. Whether it’s the feeling she got while as a little girl, playing dress up or as a teenager putting on her gown for the prom. The dream to live like royalty can also be expressed in the diamond engagement ring a bride-to-be selects to wear for life.

Dazzling Distinction

The princess cut diamond has gained in popularity over the years as women more and more are searching out unique looks. The prongs are essential in the ring that sets the princess diamond at a high profile, as the corners are sharp and if not protected the diamond will chip. Often, brides choose ring settings that additionally feature baguettes, trilliants or channel-set princess cut side diamonds that serve to enhance and show off the dazzle of the center diamond.

The First Choice of Many Celebrities


Jaime Pressly Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Celebrities have an abundance of choices when it comes to shopping for the perfect diamond, but year after year, many very modern celebrities opt for the traditional princess cut.

The actress Jaime Pressley wears a stunning three-stone engagement ring with a princess cut diamond as center stone. A halo of round pave of diamonds surrounds each of the three stones. Talk show host and attorney Star Jones proudly shows off her 7-carat princess cut diamond flanked by baguette and round diamonds in a platinum setting. And Disney star Hilary Duff’s engagement ring tells the world she’s all grown up: her princess cut diamond is 14 carats, and set her fiancé back $1 million dollars.

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