Diamond Engagement Ring – Choose A Ring Then Plan The Proposal

If you are anything like me, the first time that you learned about diamonds was when you decided it was time to seal the deal and make her your wife. And if you are anything like me, the first thing that you learned after you Googled “how to choose an engagement ring” was about the classic Four C’s; Diamond CUT, Diamond CLARITY, Diamond COLOUR and Diamond CARAT. Today, I want to propose that in order to help out poor guys without any clue, that we advance one letter down the alphabet and add a “D” to the famous Four C’s.

How to deliver a proposal

How to deliver a proposal

“D” could stand for so many things at engagement time. It could be Delight at the prospect of spending the rest of your life with this incredible woman. It could be Dehydrated because that’s the inevitable result of your profuse sweating as you ask her to marry you. It could be Dilapidated since that’s the state of your nerves as you think about how you are going to do this just right. But no, none of these are the new “D” I have in mind.

The new “D” is for Delivery. That’s right Delivery. No I’m not referring to the speed with which you can select and collect the perfect diamond ring. I’m talking about the meticulous planning, event coordination, rehearsal, choreography and perhaps even trickery that precede you going down on one knee and asking “will you marry me?” Your chosen method for the Delivery of this symbol of your love is a demonstration of your knowledge of your future wife. And without giving the Delivery the appropriate level of attention, all of your efforts in understanding the Four C’s and choosing the right engagement ring setting could meet an abrupt and unexpected end.

For some of us, an intimate one-on-one candle light dinner on the beach is the Delivery mechanism that our soon to be fiancé will expect. For others a big screen proposal during the 7th inning of the Toronto Blue Jays game is the Delivery method that will seal the deal. Still others will Deliver the ring after a bungee jump from a hot air balloon ride over the Egyptian pyramids in the 45 degree desert heat. Trying to Deliver the proposal to a girl expecting a candlelight dinner while she’s recovering from an unwanted bungee jump, is the surest way for this special moment to end in disaster instead of joy.

So that’s why I think there is a need for the addition of a new letter to the Four C’s of diamond selection. Adding the new “D” ensures that every man looking for the perfect engagement ring knows that the ring selection is only part one. The Delivery of the proposal could dull the sparkle of even the best cut engagement ring in the world, or better yet, make the smallest Carat feel like a million bucks.

If you’ve got a great engagement story, send it to us at info@budgetdiamondsonline.com  for possible inclusion in this blog.

Shane M.

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