The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings make the heart of any girl skip a beat or two. The passion, the romance, the hopes and dreams of a life full of love are all wrapped up in an engagement ring and the first thing every newly engaged girl does is hold out their left hand for people to see the ring. Nobody more so than celebrities. Here’s a list that Elle Magazine put together of the  25 best celebrity engagement rings along with a few details Elle found out.

  • Kim Kardashian – Her ring had an $8 Million Price Tag
  • Jennifer Garner – This was a 4.5 Carat Stone
  • Beyoncé – An 18 Carat Diamond Ring. Yes eighteen
  • Angelina Jolie – 16 Carat Diamond Ring. Yes that’s also big
  • Blake Lively – She got a Lorraine Schwartz Diamond
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – Very nice Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
  • Heidi Klum – A 10 Carat Engagement Ring is nothing to scoff at
  • Jessica Biel – Vintage Inspired Six Carat Diamond
  • Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham – “Massive Diamond Encrusted Ring” said Elle
  • Katie Holmes – 5 Carat Oval Shaped Engagement Ring. Come on Tom. Maybe that’s why it ended
  • Kate Middleton – 18 Carat Sapphire Diamond Ring. Well she is a princess
  • Jennifer Anniston – “Massive sparkler” is all this article says about her ring
  • Portia de Rossi – 3 Carat Diamond Ring
  • Kelly Clarkson – “Huge Yellow Diamond Ring” said Elle
  • Gwen Stefani – “Unique Diamond Studded Gold Ring” said Elle
  • Gisele Bündchen – “Four Carat Stunner” said Elle
  • Brooke Shields – She got a Platinum and Gold Engagement Ring
  • Gwyneth Paltrow – Hers was a Square Cut Diamond Ring
  • Reese Witherspoon – “Four Carat Stunner” – (hmmm Elle gave the identical description as Gisele’s ring?)
  • Mariah Carey – A 15 Carat Sparkler
  • Charlene Wittstock – A Pear Cut Diamond Ring
  • Salma Hayek – An Oval Cut Diamond Encrusted Ring
  • Miranda Kerr – This was a Two Band Ring
  • Nicole Kidman – Very nice Diamond Studded Cartier Ring
  • Elizabeth Taylor – Cabochon Sapphire Ring (for easy reference, this one was from Michael Wilding)


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