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The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings make the heart of any girl skip a beat or two. The passion, the romance, the hopes and dreams of a life full of love are all wrapped up in an engagement ring and the first thing every newly engaged girl does is hold out their left hand for people to see the ring. Nobody more so than celebrities. Here’s a list that Elle Magazine put together of the  25 best celebrity engagement rings along with a few details Elle found out.

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Origins of the Diamond Engagement Ring

I am not a scholar and have not studied history or diamond-ology (okay I made that word up), but much like you I know that any question can be answered with a quick online. So when I asked myself the question what is the origin of the diamond engagement ring the natural next step was to hit and see what showed up. Here are some of the answers I found online and while I cannot verify any of these stories as fact,  I have included the links where I found the information so if you are interested in following the trail of truth you can certainly do so and let us know what you find.

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