The Four C’s of Diamonds


A diamonds value, rarity and beauty are determined by factors that are commonly known as the 4 Cs, these are: colour, clarity, carat and cut. Before deciding on purchasing your diamond jewelery, it is important to understand why two diamonds that may look exactly the same are actually valued differently. Before buying a diamond ring or jewelery, this following section will help you to understand the 4 Cs in more detail and will be useful when studying the diamond’s brilliance, beauty and quality.

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Engagement Rings for Women – What You Must Know Before You Buy!

Engagement Rings for WomenBuying engagement rings for women for the majority of consumers is a totally new and once-in-a-lifetime experience, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be intimidating or overwhelming. Some women prefer to be “surprised” when being presented with an engagement ring, and others would rather be a part of selecting their own diamond ring. Either way, there are a few things to know about before making that final purchase that will last a lifetime!

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What is the Difference Between Yellow and White Gold Engagement Rings


A Brilliant White Gold Engagement Ring

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between yellow & white white gold engagement rings?  In the past, when it came to engagement ring selection, most of the attention was focused on the stone or stones that would comprise the ring. But now, educated wedding hopefuls are turning their attention to the equally important metal from which the band and setting will be designed, and which will bear the sole responsibility for protecting and holding the engagement stone.

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Discover the Elegance of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

When considering a beautiful princess cut diamond engagement ring, value is of utmost, even to people who, for all intents and purposes, seem to be fairly well off.  Even the most frugal engagement ring shopper will appreciate the value of the princess cut diamond, which is currently priced on average of up to 30 percent less than traditional round diamonds. If you’re looking for the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, consider the elegant princess cut diamond.

The Performance of the Princess Cut

The quality of the princess cut is determined by how well the symmetry, polish, and proportions of the diamond produce the most attractive visual balance of the three different types of reflection. Several proportion factors have the most immediate impact on a diamond’s ability to reflect light correctly. The table size and depth of a diamond relative to the diameter greatly impacts the light return from a diamond. A well-executed princess cut diamond is proportioned so that most of the light entering the gem, exits back through the top of the stone – perfectly balancing the white light (brilliance) with intense flashes of fire (dispersion).

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The Kate Middleton Engagement Ring


Kate Middleton’s Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

One of the very first questions asked after news of the engagement hit the press was “What does the Kate Middleton engagement ring look like?” That same evening, at St. James’ Palace, the ring was revealed in all its splendor: It was the 18-carat oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds that was the one Princess Diana wore as her own engagement ring.  Kate Middleton was quoted as saying, “I just hope I look after it.”

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Why You Need to Know the Difference Between Engagement Ring Settings

Looking at engagement ring settingsOnce you’ve selected a stone for your ring, the next thing you’ll need to do is choose from a selection of engagement ring settings. Although the stone can account for up to 90% of the cost of the ring, the setting is what defines its look and showcases the stone in the most fashionable of ways. When shopping, be sure to check out a variety of other rings, even those you might not like, just looking at the settings, not the stones. You may be inspired from doing so!

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The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings make the heart of any girl skip a beat or two. The passion, the romance, the hopes and dreams of a life full of love are all wrapped up in an engagement ring and the first thing every newly engaged girl does is hold out their left hand for people to see the ring. Nobody more so than celebrities. Here’s a list that Elle Magazine put together of the  25 best celebrity engagement rings along with a few details Elle found out.

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Origins of the Diamond Engagement Ring

I am not a scholar and have not studied history or diamond-ology (okay I made that word up), but much like you I know that any question can be answered with a quick online. So when I asked myself the question what is the origin of the diamond engagement ring the natural next step was to hit and see what showed up. Here are some of the answers I found online and while I cannot verify any of these stories as fact,  I have included the links where I found the information so if you are interested in following the trail of truth you can certainly do so and let us know what you find.

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Bad Proposals and Rejected Engagement Rings

engagement rings

Ask the question right!

Proposing to the woman of your dreams should be a moment of romance, excitement, love and passion. Squeals of delight, tears of joy or even a state of speechless awe are the types of responses we all hope for as we go down on one knee, open up the box and  show her the diamond engagement ring we’ve agonized about buying. As she says yes you slip the diamond ring over her finger knowing that she’s yours to have and hold forever.

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